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My Name is Sangam Tiwari and I am an independent Digital marketing, SEO, SMO & PPC consultant & Trainer. I have designed my own set of SEO, PPC and Analytics Methodologies to help clients improve their online business multi-fold. I am based in Delhi (India) but work with clients worldwide.

Search Engines Optimization Trainer & Consultant

When we think about investing in digital marketing, the first thing which comes to our mind is organic free traffic to our website. It’s not free, but at least you don’t pay search engines a hefty amount of impression or per click basis. Every company wants to rank top for their targeted key-phrases on search engines. But, the competition is immense in every industry now. In my SEO training sessions, you will learn “how to leverage SEO to generate high-quality traffic to your website”.

Social Media Trainer & Consultant

Building a brand is no easy cake walk; it requires a lot of efforts and strategy to go along in the right direction. Social media is playing the most important role in public awareness and is the right platform to showcase and talk about different products.

Social media marketing services are all about being social. If you and your products have a visibility in the market by any means of the social media campaign in some creative manner it is certainly going to create an appealing effect. Social media marketing is an instant hit aimed to offer the desired results in the right direction.

PPC Advertising Trainer & Consultant

SEO is a long-term investment. You need to wait for 4-6 months before you see any significant improvement in rankings and traffic. Pay per click or popularly known as PPC model can help you generate traffic almost instantly on your website. You can either have same or different keywords which you have finalized for your SEO campaign for PPC advertising.

Digital Analytics Consulting

Web analytics is still underrated by small and medium businesses. Digital analytics can not only help you measure the effectiveness of your search marketing campaign, but also give you meaningful insights to make important business decisions. Our analytics best practices page will help in basic Google analytics configuration.

Do You Want More Traffic?

In the times to come, this era will be called the ‘Digital Age’; such is the enormous effect of digitization in our lives. It has entirely changed the perspectives towards the way we live, feels, and express ourselves, not to forget the way we work. Marketing is the core of any business is also revolutionized with its Midas touch. When online is not just a buzzword but a trend meant to stay and lead the pack, it has allowed bigger and better opportunities to the marketers. Using the interactive digital channels like internet, social media, and mobile telephony, they can easily catch the pulse of the new as well as the existing customers.

But the challenges are also equal in magnitude as the variety of these channels exposes the marketers and companies to multiple channels, languages, devices, and interfaces. It is quite essential to reduce the ambiguity caused by these multiple factors confronting the companies with pressure to handle effective marketing on one hand and sustainable effect of it on consumers, on the other hand. We at Digital Fruits. are committed to understand your needs and accordingly, design the strategy that not only suits your enterprise but also fulfils all your criteria relating to the success of your campaign.

We offer the simplicity, efficiency, and relevancy of solutions to your marketing needs through personalized content. As a major chunk of your promotional budget is reserved for digital marketing, you need to keep it straight and focused. We streamline this whole process with the help of a framework customized to your business needs. Here, technology and marketing move ahead with hand in hand, thus we have entailed tools and applications that provide specific marketing services to all our clients. By integrating the online activities of the consumers with a well laid out digital marketing plan, we help your business to step forward.